Services Offered By FELSC Attorneys

Services Provided to Federal Agencies:


FELSC provides the following legal representation to federal government agencies.  We perform EEO counseling, conduct federal EEO investigations, write final agency decisions, litigate EEOC and MSPB cases, and file appropriate appeals.  We tailor our services to match an agency’s needs. Unlike private employers faced with employment discrimination allegations, federal agencies must give their employees the option of having a full hearing in front of an EEOC Administrative Judge.  When an employee requests a hearing before the EEOC, a federal agency must be prepared to aggressively litigate the case.  Some small to medium-sized agencies do not have the resources to handle complex discrimination, harassment, and retaliation cases.  At FELSC, our attorneys are experts at federal sector employment law.  We provide EEO services to eliminate the need for an EEOC hearing.  If a case is already in litigation, FELSC will zealously represent the agency in litigation.

At FELSC, we provide the following EEO services to federal agencies:

  • Review initial allegations to determine whether an employee’s allegations should be formally accepted, partially dismissed, or dismissed in whole, based on the available record.  We will then prepare an “acceptance letter.”
  • Provide EEO counseling to federal employees.  We will conduct an informal inquiry of the facts and determine whether resolution is possible, prior to the filing of a formal EEO complaint.
  • Represent the agency in Alternative Dispute Resolutions, such as mediation.
  • Train agency employees and managers on how to effectively resolve EEO disputes. 
  • Conduct EEO Investigations.  After a formal EEO complaint is filed, FELSC can conduct a neutral, timely, and thorough investigation into the allegations of discrimination.
  • Write Final Agency Decisions.  After filing an EEO complaint, an employee can choose between an EEO hearing or a final agency decision.  We draft recommended decisions based on a review and analysis of the record.
  • Respond to the EEOC or other regulatory agency on any given federal sector opic.

At FELSC, we provide the following litigation services to federal agencies:

  • FELSC aggressively defends federal agencies in response to formal EEO complaints or MSPB appeals.  We enter an appearance as soon as an EEOC Administrative Judge is appointed.  Depended on the case needs, we can settle a case early on, litigate through discovery, represent management at the hearing, and file an appeal on the Agency’s behalf.

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